How To Trade Penny Stocks Successfully

Knowing how to trade penny stocks really comes down to a matter of basics. Basics must be followed for dealing in penny stocks to compensate for the fact that this is a highly volatile market in which people can lose anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars.

The first important basic for how to trade penny stocks involves selecting a reputable broker. You want a broker who checks out with your state's Securities commission, and preferably a discount broker--one that only executes your orders for a fee, rather than one that does penny stock recommending and research which cost you far more money in commissions and fees.

Next, if you are a new trader who is just learning how to trade penny stocks, be very careful with how much money you put at risk and with how much profit you demand of yourself making with each trade. Start small in both areas and get practice and experience under your hat. After six to 12 months you'll know far better what you are doing and you can ramp up your penny stock investing. But when you start out, put discipline and loss avoidance over and above greed. Too much fear is bad, yes, but with this volatile market too much greed when you are just starting can lead to a total nightmare scenario.

Don't forget to follow the same basic investment rule for penny stocks as you would for larger stocks: don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your penny stock portfolio as you would any investment portfolio. When it comes to the fundamentals, there is nothing dissimilar about trading penny stocks.

Learning how to trade penny stocks means learning how to do your own research. Pay attention to published tips and maybe even subscribe to some newsletters, but don't be controlled by those things. Always think for yourself and follow up every "hot tip" with research of your own.

Who can show you how to trade penny stocks in a successful way better than a mentor? Find someone who has already done what you are doing--someone who has had the kind of success that you are dreaming of. This mentor may be a penny stock website, blog, or newsletter. But make sure that your choice in mentors is an experienced and consistently successful one.

Remember to take your time learning how to trade penny stocks. If you have only been doing this for a couple of months and you make several consecutive big winner trades, don't get overly excited and lose your focus on the basics. Just keep on doing what you were doing up to that point so you keep the consistent profits coming in.

One of the unique things concerning how to trade penny stocks is capitalizing on the high volatility of the market. Penny stocks aren't financial vessels for long-term investors. You might double or triple your ROI in a mere hour. Don't apply the buy-and-hold strategy used for Blue Chips and other macro cap stocks. Sell and take your profits. If there is any big difference in trading penny stocks and macro caps, it's the speed at which you make trades.

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